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Take the stage at The California Theatre. It’s karaoke night the first Wednesday of the month, and we need you and your friends to be the stars.

Pick your stage name and sign up, it’s free and easy with over 58,000 songs spanning a century of all genres. This is an inclusive welcoming environment with a friendly positive crowd. We love to cheer for first timers and crooning veterans. Time to pick out that duet with your bestie, grab your air guitar, and come party.

Register in advance for $0 tickets and to be entered into a raffle to win free drinks that night! 18+

Golden Sparkles

Join us for Karaoke Night at The California in Downtown Santa Rosa!
Show kicks off at 8pm and we rock out until 11pm!
Tickets are Free. Register to win raffle for drinks

For me, karaoke means going out and having a good time. Expressing yourself with confidence and joy!

 Mateo C

Singing brings me a unique sense of joy. I like to be around people who share that sentiment and that just like to have a good time.

Cece R

Karaoke is my release, it makes me happy. I can sing out all my stress and when the bar sings along I feel so much joy. 

Alysha N

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