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Red Paint
Red Paint

Join us for Karaoke Night at The California in Downtown Santa Rosa!
Show kicks off at 7:30pm and we rock out until 10:30pm!
Tickets are Free. Register to win raffle for drinks


Positive Feedback

Karaoke means going out and having a good time. Expressing yourself with confidence and joy!
-Mateo C

I go to karaoke to get the chance to perform in front of an enthusiastic audience. Also, karaoke is a great stress reliever. Surge Entertainment is a great karaoke company, and Shannon Jones is a friendly, professional host!
-Bruce B

Singing brings me a unique sense of joy. I like to be around people who share that sentiment and that just like to have a good time.
-Cece R

Karaoke is my release, it makes me happy. I can sing out all my stress and when the bar sings along I feel so much joy. I love hearing the other people sing too. It brings us all together, and over the years I've made friends with people who have become family.
-Alysha N

Karaoke is amazing! People getting together to do what they love! It’s a great way to express yourself in a safe and supporting environment. You’re surrounded by people who support and appreciate you regardless of how you sound… so come out and be a star for a moment or two!
-Martin S

It's more than just getting up there and singing. It's the people you meet. Some of my best friends I have met through there. Oh, and Shannon Jones is the most amazing kj and person ever  
-Darren D

Coming from both sides (patron and KJ) I have absolutely loved how inclusive the karaoke community is! No matter what venue you attend,  you are sure to meet like minded people and make new friends 
-Ian N

The California is a great venue! The stage is amazing!-George U

Red Paint
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