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Come dance to the strong blues grooves every Monday with hosts the Blues Defenders

BLUE MONDAYS the doors open at 5:00pm 
Show starts at 6:00pm


Jan 30: Fillmore Slim

In 1996 Fillmore Slim updated/re-released, Born to Sing the Blues, on the Mountain Top label. Several years of touring and playing gigs followed, which led to a record deal in 1999 with Fedora Records and an album called Other Side of the Road, released in 2000. Fillmore has released more albums/CDs in the years since with a trilogy of CDs on Mountain Top Records: The Game, The Legend of Fillmore Slim, and The Blues Playa's Ball; that tell his story in his own words and music. Fillmore Slim's song writing talents, and musicianship have garnered several awards including being inducted into the Bay Area's West Coast Blues Hall of Fame in 2008, and the Lowell Fulson "Jus' Blues" Award in Memphis in 2011.[6] Since his musical resurgence, Fillmore has found his largest fanbase to be in Europe, where he's played the Zurich Blues Festival and the Blues Estafette in Utrecht, Holland, and France, among others


With the regular swing dancing, good times and Blues Defenders ProJam.


Feb 6: Kid Andersen

By age 11, Andersen had gained the attention of Norwegian blues guitar teacher, Morten Omlid, who steered him towards traditional blues music. In 2001, at age 21, Andersen moved to the United States, joined blues frontman Terry Hanck's band, and quickly became a figure on the West Coast blues scene.[1]

Andersen later played in Charlie Musselwhite's band and got a Blues Music Award (formerly W.C. Handy Award) for best contemporary blues album for Charlie Musselwhite's Delta Hardware.[2] Then, when Little Charlie Baty retired from touring, Andersen took his place as guitarist in the Nightcats, and the new name of Rick Estrin & The Nightcats was formed. Andersen has also done extensive touring with Elvin Bishop on the Red Dog Speaks Tour. He is married to American Idol contestant Lisa Leuschner. They currently reside in San Jose, California where Andersen is CEO of Greaseland Studios.


With the regular swing dancing, good times and Blues Defenders ProJam.


Feb 13: David Landon

 Singer, Songwriter and guitarist David Landon brings over 30 years of experience from the stage and studio to every note he plays. In the early days of David’s professional career (circa 1990), David lived and performed in Paris, France where he was a steady fixture in the European club and festival circuit. Though life in Paris was truly wonderful for the American ex-pat musician, David wished for something greater then the regional success he had achieved abroad and so he returned to the US in 1995 and settled in the SF Bay Area to further pursue his musical vision.
      Since his return to the US David has released 5 solo c.d.s and has played on countless recording sessions for a wide variety of artists. He has also performed in a multitude of venues across the US. In that time, David  Landon also became a successful producer and engineer and opened his own recording facility in 2001 - Whip Records, where he has worked with many notable artists such as Taj Mahal, Tuck and Patti, Lenny Williams and Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows.


With the regular swing dancing, good times and Blues Defenders ProJam.


Feb 20: FAT MONDAY Mardi Gras Party

Our weekly blues concert hosted by The Blues Defenders  - with a special nod this week to Mardi Gras! Come prepared to dance and get into the Mardi Gras mood. Doors open at 5pm, show starts at 6pm.

With the regular swing dancing, good times and Blues Defenders ProJam.

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